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School Incursions

We offer a range of incursions and excursions for early childhood and primary school aged children.
Our specialty however is Minibeasts!! 
If you would like to discuss booking an incursion for your classroom please email us at:
Our most popular school incursion is our Minibeast Incursion. 
You can download our minibeast incursion booklet for lower primary school (PreK-Yr3) by clicking the button below or request a copy by emailing:

Click to download the 2023 Minibeast Incursion Booklet 

pollinators incursion  (Presentation (43))-2.png
Vacation Care & Early Learning Centres
We can provide a range of excursions to suit vacation care programs, community kindergartens & homeschooling groups. With a focus on the local environment here in Perth, we are dedicated to educating kids and their families with their local natural areas.
If you are interested in booking our Marvellous Minibeast Incursion you can download the information booklet we have created for Vacation Care & Early Learning Centre.
The booklet contains the incursion outline and prices. 

Outdoor Classrooms

outdoor classroms 1.png
outdoor classrooms 2.png
Please contact us if you have any queries or if you would like us to send you a copy of our minibeast incursion booklet.
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