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Kids Nature Club

Connecting through nature

Kids Nature Club provides nature based programs, events, incursions and activities in Perth's urban natural areas and bushland. 


We aim to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors exploring, learning and playing outdoors in their local areas. We hope to spark a child's curiosity, further their understanding and help them develop feelings of wonder and care for the natural world.


Nature is something we are all share, it connects us all. We are all part of nature and we hope through their experiences with us, children will find connection and develop a sense of responsibility for the natural world. We hope to inspire families to celebrate the natural world, be grateful for it, be joyful in it, be curious about it, take care of it and share your love for it with others. But most of all we hope to inspire families to get out there and experience it!

Kids Nature Club is dedicated to promoting Western Australia's amazing biodiversity and encouraging conservation of our local environments.

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Hi Kirstie,

I just wanted to say what an amazing class Little Grubs has been.

Not only have you shown my daughter & I how insects & bugs are a positive, non threatening thing, but you have increased her EMPATHY to all the nature & animals around her. She is so intrigued & caring.

That really is priceless.


—  Kate A

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